Customer Service

Why Recognition?
Recognition has never been more important that it is today.  Companies must acknowledge their employee’s contributions and efforts in order to promote loyalty and employee pride their company and themselves.  Research has shown time and again that while competitive pay and benefits may attract the best talents, it is an environment that promotes recognition throughout the company that stands the best chance of retaining their valued employees and sustaining growth.

How to Order
Award making is a complex process.  To best serve your individualized needs in text, spelling, logos and customer satisfaction, we prefer face-to-face transactions.  We realize this is not always possible so we do accept orders by phone, fax, or email.  If you are unable to visit our showroom in person, please send us complete information about your awards needs, including your first and last name and contact information.  Once we have received your order, one of our representatives will call to confirm your order and answer any questions.

Payment Terms

  • 50% deposit required at time of order

  • Payment in full upon receipt

  • Delivery time varies depending on item, quantity, time frame, etc.

  • We accept Master, Visa, American Express and Discover Card


  • Rotary Engraving- Uses a diamond-tipped tool to ‘scratch’ into the surface of metal or plastic.

  • Laser Etching- Uses a computer controlled laser beam to engrave directly into the surface of wood, glass, acrylic, plastic and coated metal
  • Sand Carving- Uses pressurized sand to etch into the surface of glass and crystal

  • Sublimation- Specialized inks are transferred to the surface of an item with heat. The finished product resembles a silk-screened look.  One advantage sublimation offers over silk-screening is the ability to transfer a photograph and other multicolored or detailed artwork onto a variety of specially treated items without losing any of the vibrant colors or details.
  • Bronze Casting- Although we do not cast metals in-house, we offer customized signage and memorials including text and logos

Artwork guidelines for engraving

  • Electronic Art- Advance Awards prefers vector based files such as CorelDraw. Adobe Illustrator or an. eps. Please include any fonts used or convert text to curves.

  • Non-Electronic Art- Please submit on clean white paper.  Image should be generated in black and white, with no gray. Please note that “internet” logos or artwork are much too poor resolution and not acceptable for engraving